Advantages of having a Web Developer

April 12, 2022
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April 12, 2022 Xpand Web Design

Advantages of having a Web Developer

Deciding whether to go with a premium website or an off the shelf one can sometimes be a tough decision.  Going with an off the shelf option like Wix or Shopify can limit your business in many ways.  I like to use the analogy of buying a ready meal as opposed to going to a nice restaurant. Your ingredients and method is restricted to a number of instructions just like your ready meal but when you go to a restaurant, you have the option to mix and match, make requests to the chef to maybe not use certain ingredients etc.

When you use a Web Developer, you are in the restaurant requesting exactly what you would like on your plate!  When you work with Xpand Web Design, I will fully customise your website to suit your business needs with very few limitations.

By opting to hire a web developer gain the following advantages over your competitor:

  1. Small Business Web Development Builds Credibility
  2. A Website Helps Establish Brand Identity
  3. Boost Brand Recognition with A Business Website
  4. Use A Website to Build Connections with Customers
  5. Small Business Web Development Drives Sales
  6. You Need a Website for Digital Marketing
  7. Drive Organic Traffic with A Website
  8. Small Business Web Development Updates Clients
  9. Websites Make Customer Service Easier
  10. Compete With Large Brands In Your Local Area
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