Advantages of owning a Website

November 1, 2022
Posted in Website Info

Owning your own Website

With millions of users around the world getting locked out of there Instagram accounts (again!!!), there was never a better time to invest in your business.  Owning your own website gives you many advantages over your Instagram competitors.
Some of the Advantages to owning your own website are:
  • It provides credibility to your customers
  • Access to products and services 24/7
  • Increases brand awareness
  • Growth opportunities
  • Own your own advertising platform
  • Improve your Google rankings


Social media is an excellent marketing tool, it helps you reach new audiences and build community around your brand, grow relationships and shares valuable content however, you will NEVER OWN the platform that you are investing so much of your time into.  In a flash you could be blocked out and where does this leave your business.  When Instagram and Facebook crash for a day, it can feel like your whole business is crashing too – unless you have alternative methods of marketing your business…. like a website!


You can spend many hours building your brand through Social Media but if that platform pulls the plug all your hard work is gone down the drain!  Also, you are restricting your consumer reach to only social media users.  By investing in your own website and putting the time into SEO techniques you can easily be found by people searching for relevant key words in Google. This can be an important gateway to expanding your business.
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